Bricks, Beds and Sheep’s Heads is a truly touching story that skillfully juxtaposes images of an Aid sacrifice with a gentle and poetic narrative. The stark and haunting images, take us inside Mourad’s mind and heart both as an adult and a child to the extent we feel his journey is our journey. O’Reilly’s sensitive and truthful portrayal of the medina is a credit to her and her crew.

Sandy McCutheon – The View from Fez

Mabou Mines Song for New York is an ambitious and at times soaring love letter to New York City’s complex history. Mostly sung in a combination of whitmanesque poetry and dry journalistic detail, the piece aims to create an epic as grand as the city itself.

Tom Penketh – Backstage

…nothing I have observed can compare for ingenuity with the new site-specific piece of the experimental Mabou Mines company.

Brendan Lemon – Financial Times

The beautiful faery tale Emilita and the Faery Glen is part theatrical poem, part theater, influenced by the beat poets and harkening further back to a whimsical Irish tradition.

Caraid O’Brien Off

It is an uncommon pleasure to see such creativity matched with consummate professionalism on all levels in a production 
that arrives on a wing and a prayer. Faz In Ate is a funny, moving, and an exceptionally enjoyable piece of theatre. Clamor at the doors.

Laoise Mac Reamoinn, The Irish Voice


Done with humor, drama, and love, Kid Shamrock contains a bucket load of emotion and was more than a fight story; it was a picture of what goes through a fighters mind and body until the day he decides it is time to walk away.

                                                                                  Seconds Out.  Jerry Glick

The ‘Celtic Tiger’ is a social and economic phenomenon that has roared through Ireland in the past decade. The city of Dublin, not to mention the entire island, has transformed from a strictly homogenous and mostly rural culture to an eclectic mix of the old and the new. Written by Irish authors not considered part of the mainstream, Shananigans is a brilliant collection of 20 stories. The anthology will certainly surprise people who haven’t been acquainted with Ireland since reading Yeats and Beckett. 

Mark McCutcheon

Ireland’s answer to Alan Ginsberg.

Alan Gilsenan

Imelda O’Reilly performs her magically delicious poetic meld of Celtic traditions with rap and hip-hop.
Time Out, New York

Hi! I picked up your book while I was visiting Dingle this past spring. I love your prose poems and The Fish Loem.  Your poetry is stunning!  

Jillian Igarashi – Goodreads

Bloomsday Jaunt in the East Village

Bloomsday Jaunt in Paris outside Shakespeare & Co.


Imelda is a cross between Israeli Chanteuse Ofra Haza and Talking Heads.

Frank Owen – The Village Voice

Sultry Irish poet broke more than balls at the Lower East Side Arts Festival.

Nick Brandi – Showbiz Weekly

Click to see Song for New York on NY1

Emilita and the Faery Glen 

Bricks’ Beds and Sheep’s Heads