Bricks, Beds and Sheep’s Heads is an odyssey of a Moroccan immigrant named Mourad looking back at his life on Aid El Kbir. Aid El Kbir is a celebratory Islamic holiday that occurs two months after Ramadan. Upon reflections of his fragmented past, moments are revealed as memory collides with attachment, longing and loss. On the dawn of Aid El Kbir, Mourad discovers the boundaries of life and death.

Student Academy Award Nominee.

Remi Award Winner at the Houston International Film Festival.  Made possible by a Fulbright Fellowship in the Arts.

This is a truly touching story, a gentle and poetic narrative.

The View from Fez, Sandy McCutcheon

In a surreal world, Lilly dreams herself out of desapair and into the woods to escape her dysfunctional family.

Screened on Manhattan Cable Channel
The Tank – hour- long eclectic program of Women filmmakers.

Juggling worlds of reality and dream this punk myth explores a dysfunctional relationship between a father and son.

Cinematography Award at the Lady Springtime Film Festival

Set in 1970’s Ireland, Hot Cross Buns is a moment in a woman’s life where she has lost her six-year-old son. This film explores her internal conflict as she refuses to overcome her grief.
Eso Si Que Es portrays the story of Lizzie who is disenchanted with her husband and instead takes on a lover. As they execute a train robbery the boundaries of friendship and love are pushed to the extreme.